Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park, located in northwestern Wyoming south of Yellowstone National Park, is photographers' heaven, thanks to the imposing Teton Range, beautiful lakes with a perfect reflection, forest, vast grasslands and abundant wildlife. It is one of the most stunning destinations in the United States. Although it is located next to Yellowstone National Park, it receives far fewer visitors than the neighbor park. But in our opinion, the park is much more scenic than Yellowstone.

Most of the classic view spots in this park are easily accessible via highway 26. Below I'm sharing some of the scenic places we visited.

Snake River Overlook

Snake River Overlook
A place popularized by the famous photographer Ansel Adams, it provides a gorgeous view of the snake river with the Teton Range as the background. The curves of the river make the scene more dynamic and aesthetically pleasing. The view won't be the same as the one Ansel Adam saw 70 years ago due to the alpines are now grown up, partially blocking the river. But to me, the view is even more beautiful with this additional layer of trees. Standing at the same spot, you feel the power of time!

Schwabacher's Landing

Sunset at Schwabacher's Landing
Schwabacher's Landing
This place might be arguably the most stunning place in Grand Teton. It is located only one or two miles off the main highway. The road is unpaved but can be accessed by low clearance cars without any problems. Spend ten minutes walking along the river bank near the parking lot, and you will know how photographic this location is. On a lucky day with a calm river, you can easily capture the perfect reflection of Grand Teton. Visiting at golden hours with lovely clouds, it will be a lifetime memory. Walking along the river, you can hear or see beavers crunching grasses. It's fun to watch them while waiting for sunset. :)

Mormon Row and Moulton Barn

Sunrise at Mormon Row
The Heavenly Light Beams at Mormon Row
Located right on the Antelope Flats load, there are two historic barns remain standing today. Images of the barns with Teton range as the background is another iconic view of this park. Ground squirrels are abundant in this area, where they dig an infinite number of tunnels... I heard you can see bison herds here some times but I actually felt lucky to not see them so it gave me more freedom to move around for better perspectives.

Oxbow Bend

Sunrise at Oxbow Bend
Oxbow Bend is only steps away from the parking lot on highway 26. Here, you can expect anything you can experience from our nature mother: mountains (Mt. Moran), lake, river, trees, grass, wildlife, etc. The first photo of this page and the above one were taken at Oxbow Bend after the first sunlight peaked on Mt. Moran.


Grand Teton offers excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing. During our short visit to the part, we saw pronghorn, bison, fox, moose, elk, swan, birds, etc. Bison herds are easiest to spot along high way 26; however early morning or late afternoon is the best time to photograph them as they're more active. This is true for all other wildlife viewings as well.

Bison Headbutt
Pronghorn near Teton Park Rd
Mormon Fritillary Butterfly

Pronghorn near Teton Park Rd
Swans at National Elk Refuge

Teton Range

There are quite a few turnouts along the main highway you can stop over and get a fantastic view of Teton range. Look for expansive foreground or other particular objects to contrast with the Teton range to make images more interesting. 

Balsamroot with Grand Teton as Background


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